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Dermaroller Scar Repair

Derma rolling, also known as micro or medical needling, is a procedure that allows for controlled stimulation of the skin’s natural self-repair mechanism in order to improve the appearance of a number of skin conditions.

Derma Roller therapy is clinically proven to be effective in reducing acne scars; in clinical studies 86% of patients with grade 1-3 scars had marked improvements after undergoing treatment.

Most types of acne scar can be significantly improved with a course of derma roller treatments performed at home.

Small, shallow scars can usually be removed entirely. Deeper scars may not completely disappear, but it is possible to smooth them out and make them much less noticeable. An overall improvement of 70-85% is not unrealistic given time.

A derma stamp can also be used to significantly reduce acne scars.

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Acne scar treatment Acne scar treatment


  • Is Dermaroller effective for stretch marks & cellulite?

    Micro-needle rollers were originally meant to solve skin problem on the face. But beauty clinics and existing users have tested it on other body parts and skin problems as well.

    Derma rolling is reported to be effective in improving stretch marks. Stretch marks are similar to scars and deep wrinkles. They are formed by the loss of collagen and skin elasticity.

    Derma rolling acne scars can trigger the production of new collagen and elastin as well as the thickening of your epidermis in only 1 treatment. The correct needle size for the effective treatment of stretch marks is 1.0 mm and above.

    Is it effective for cellulite? There is no research done on cellulite. Many studies are performed on wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Dermal rolling can help improve the appearance of your cellulite, but you shouldn’t expect drastic results. Many sellers will hate me for saying this.

  • Is it painful to use Dermaroller?

    Generally, derma rolling is not painful at all, but most users have experienced mild pricking sensations. The longer the needle length, the more intense the sensation. Additionally, you can apply numbing cream before treatment to eliminate any pain.

  • Does it make your skin bleed?

    There will be a slight bleeding because you are puncturing your skin with needles. This can also be the result of applying too much pressure when derma rolling. DO NOT PANIC! Bleeding is very common when using a dermaroller. You should always apply light to moderate pressure.